When to Go to Jaipur

Going to Jaipur in Rajasthan is best during the middle of September to March. During this time, the tourist season is at its peak in Jaipur. The weather conditions are favorable. There is temperate weather throughout Jaipur during this time, and is perfectly suited for tourist visits. Being to Jaipur in Rajasthan, during this season, you can beat the heat as well as enjoy your tour to complete satisfaction. In case you want to avoid the tourist season in Jaipur when the city remains overcrowded with tourists, you can come in April.

But after this time, it becomes extremely hot in Jaipur. By May and June, the heat becomes absolutely unbearable and even the merchants spend their afternoons by sleeping.

The interval between April and the peak tourist season in Jaipur is affected by unfavorable climatic conditions. The monsoon strikes the city, bringing in rain filled clouds which can really disrupt your touring plans in Jaipur. The plane schedules get affected. In case of heavy rains, the roads are washed away and landslides are also common.

Jaipur also celebrates quite a number of festivals. Festivals are popular throughout India. So, you can visit Jaipur during some of these festivals and get a closer look of the local life of the city. The Elephant festival takes place on the 3rd of March every year. In this, elephants, are groomed beautifully and are made to walk in front of an enthusiastic audience. They are a mimic to the models who walk on the ramp. The festival just heralds Holi and it is a unique experience to be a part of it.

The Camel festival is another interesting and colorful event which takes place between the 2nd and 3rd January. The camels perform amazing dance and activities on the instruction of their trainers. This is followed by the best breed competition, tug of war contests and beautiful acrobatics.

Visiting Jaipur during this time can really refresh you form the monotony of regular existence.

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