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Music and Dances in Jaipur

Music and dances in Jaipur have largely been influenced by their traditional desert culture followed through generations. In the times of westernization the traditional melody and symphonic rhythms of music and dance in Jaipur will melt your heart. A popular traditional poetry is carried on under the rival Turru and Kalangi banners, which is sung in groups. Group singing of classical bandishes is called the Dangal or taalbandi. Bhopas, sometimes wearing costumes, are singing priests of various deities who have contributely amply to music and dances in Jaipur.

In the traditional dances Nayaks together with female accompanist engage in reciting the phad (a painted ballad). Phads are skillfully woven works of art, held in high esteem here.

Most of the musical communities travel from village to village performing their art. Many other artists engaged in different art forms use music as an accompaniment. The Jogis were famous for reciting the great ballads Nihalde Sultan, Shivji-ka-byawala and songs about Gopi Chand and Bhartrihari. The Dholies or Mirasis, Dhadhies, Manganiyarv and Langas each have their own distinct styles of music.

Ballads are famously known as Maands here. Creation of the sophisticated royal musicians (Kalawants), the maands speak of speaks of love, separation, chivalry and revelry, true to their desert environment. The ballads are mostly based on the epics Ramayan and Mahabharat and the most popular ballads are Dhola Maru, Moomal-Mahendra, Doongji-Jawarji, Galaleng, Jala-Boobna and Nagji-Nagwatnti. The Mirasis and Jogis of Mewat have crafted delightful folk version of the Mahabharat. The Tamayha of Jaipur is a famous name in Rajasthani folk opera.

Many instruments have evolved in Rajasthan and are exclusive to this place only like the Morchang, Naad, Sarangi, Kamayacha, Rawanhattha, Algoza, Khartal, Poongi, Bankia and Da. Each region of Rajasthan has its own share of music and dances.

A visit to Jaipur will delight you with its rustic songs and dances in the background of the melancholic desert.

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