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Jaipur Customs and Traditions

Each place has its own share of local customs and traditions and the oriental countries perhaps more so. In India itself many of local customs and traditions vary from place to place. Hence a few things would be helpful if you are embarking on trip to Jaipur. Jaipur being a traditional place, most people there still view women from an orthodox point of view. In the earlier times the royal wives were not allowed to step outside the palace grounds.

Their slight contact with outside was through the numerous latticed windows of Hawa Mahal, from where they could watch the townspeople going about their work or watch processions. The rest of the royal palace was surrounded by a tall wall with no gaps. It would be helpful for the women to note that a lengthy dress leaving little to skin show would be the most proper attire for Rajasthan.

Jaipur also has the tradition of applying henna or mehendi. Women here like to have henna designs on their hands and feet. You may find an immense range of innovative styles in this category.

Puppets are a part of Jaipur tradition. Based on popular legends, puppet plays are performed by skilled puppeteers. The making of the puppets (or kathputlis) is a traditional family business and has become a part of the culture. The puppeteer is assisted by a helper who plays the drum and sings. Puppets can be found being old at the puppets.

The elephant festival is held during Holi celebration in March or April, usually in the Chaugan stadium in Jaipur. It is a sight when the beautifully decorated elephants are paraded with camels and horses. Folk dancers accompany them. The main attractions of this program are elephant races, elephant polo matches and a tug of war between elephants and people.

You will encounter interesting people in Jaipur tempting your hand towards the camera. A few holy persons may be found in the royal palace. But it would be polite to ask their permission before you snap a shot and then a tip would be welcome.

Jaipur is royal city full of ancient local customs and traditions, which will interest you greatly in helping you know the actual people of the place.

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