Art and Crafts in Jaipur

Jaipur is a city rich in arts and culture. About everything in this desert city is colorful and vibrant. Known throughout the country for its jewelry, paintings and carvings, Jaipur arts and crafts hold a place of their own among contemporaries.If you are in Rajasthan you cannot miss the multicolored turbans all the men seem to wear, or the colorful odhnis of the women. The process through which these are achieved is among the major art and crafts in Jaipur.

Bandhani or Tie and Dye comprises tying sections of cloth and dousing them in vats of colors. The laheriya or ripple effect is obtained by rolling and binding muslins diagonally in tight rolls and then dying them. The same process is then repeated with the muslin rolled and bound diagonally the other way round (the adjacent corners rolled each time). You can go and see the Chhipa community of dyers practicing their trade in nearby towns of Bagru and Sanganer.

For long Rajasthan has also excelled in another form of arts, namely block printing. Clothes are hand-pressed with very skillfully carved wooden blocks again and again to form a continuous, interlocking and flowing pattern. Though the printers of Bagru and Sanganer both prefer floral designs, Sanganeri designs are more sophisticated.

The founder of the city Sawai Jai Singh earmarked a whole lane for stone carvers (Silawaton ka Mohalla), when planning the city. Stone carving has always been a major occupation among people here, making it one of the best forms of art and crafts in Jaipur. Some magnificent designs of sandstone and marble carvings can be seen in the city palaces.

Jewelry also contributes to art and crafts in Jaipur. You will see Rajasthani village women dressed up in a variety of silver ornaments from head to toe. Badi Chaupad in Johari Bazaar houses many silver jewelry makers. Zardozi (zari means gold) embroidery is the heavy, ornamental, gold thread work practiced in Jaipur and only a handful other cities. Be aware that zardozi makes a piece of clothing quite heavy.

Jaipur is well known for its resource of natural stones like diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, topaz, jade, garnet, amethyst and turquoise. As such, cutting and polishing stones have also evolved a very important art and craft in Jaipur. The kundan and meenakari techniques here are exquisite forms of embedding stones in gold and silver.

Miniature painting, blue pottery, ivory carving and leatherware are also among the significant arts and crafts of Jaipur each having a long history of practice in this place. Years of mastery over the skills have almost perfected many forms of art here to perfection. It would be a treat to roam around the city watching the magnificent specimen of individual crafts.

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